The agricultural cooperative IRIS is a collective property, and is governed and regulated according to the principle of mutuality prevalent, non-speculative private.

The agricultural cooperative IRIS is managed directly by the cooperative members and funders, ensuring the best economic conditions, social and professional.

The main aims of the cooperative are to develop and disseminate practices of organic and biodynamic farming, respecting the environment and human.
Created over time the chain of Italian farmers, recognizing a right value to agricultural produce biological.
Has as objective the direct relationship with the consumer. The product is a medium for conveying the principles of the cooperative.

In 2012 the shareholders' meeting has issued shares as a means of mutual self-financing for the construction of a pasta factory sustainable, because the place where they make the dough IRIS is an expression of the ideals of the members.
The actions also represent the possibility of mutual fund an entrepreneurial firm, without the use of tools and impersonal speculative.

How to become a member Iris

> Financing partner

It can get financing partner who signs the shares issued by the mutual cooperative

> Cooperative member

It can become a member cooperator workers of both sexes who can participate directly in the work of social and actively cooperate with its exercise and its development


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