The cooperative Iris has exclusively produced organic products from its beginning.
It is located within the Natural Park Oglio Sud, rich in fauna and flora.

In our farm we planted many hedges and rows of trees to surround the fields that we cultivate, the irrigation ditches are naturalized, allowing insects and amphibians to breed.

The crops have a rotation of 5 / 7 years, this is the necessary time to let the fields be fertile.
It is grown: farfalle, wheat, spelt, barley, row barley, leafy vegetables, pumpkins, tomatoes to be processed and vegetables in greenhouses. For the crops which absorb nitrogen, the green manure is used as ferilizer.

The treatments of our vegetables are minimal, the horticultural cultures are made with paper mulch and irrigation is made by drip, irrigation pipes are reused.
In farm we have provided a special place for plastic recycling, where plastic is cleaned and stored, and finally it is withdrawn by a specialized company.

We have about 50 / 60 pigs to the state semi-wild, fed with the scraps of organic pasta production, corn and barley grown by us, and the deviation of the processing of our vegetables.
We produce then salami and sausage typical Cremonese, of the highest quality, everything in biological production.
We have a small herd of animals backyard, geese, ducks, hens, all turkeys for consumption.