Founded in 1999 by Coop IRIS, A.S.T.R.A. Bio srl was created with the specific intent not to distort the nature of the agricultural cooperative. Immediately from the beginning it deals with the transformation of the Iris raw material. Astra Bio manages the pasta factory and works with organic producers using the Iris supply chain raw materials; for some products selects organic certified producers, ,, studies and proposes the recipes respecting the parameters of high organoleptic quality.

In 2005 the cooperative decided to take over the pasta factory, it has worked with for years, that was in financial toubles and was not able to guarantee the continuity of work to employees. For this reason IRIS coop. entered the direct management and in 2008 detected the pasta factory, thus keeping all jobs, in order to persecute our mission.

In the following years, the cooperative Iris hands over the management of the pasta factory to its trade company A.S.T.R.A. Bio srl, and the two companies together reach today 53 jobs in total. (estimated data)
The pasta factory is working actually at full capacity and produces exclusively organic products.