In 1978, nine young, Girls and boys come together and begin to work together in Cremona plain located in the south of Lombardy.

They are son of farmhands, masons, milkers, labourers and artisans.. The initial aim is to work the land for the production of healthy, without the use of synthetic and chemicals substances, as teached by their fathers, at the time when agriculture respects the environment, man and animals. According to the founders their mission was to grow up, develop and spread the farming culture.

In 1984 IRIS is based officially as agricultural cooperative of production and work, as collective ownership and with the aim of cultivating exclusively by organic methods. Fourfixing points have been included in the corporate purpose and i.e.:

1. Practice and spreading of agricultural cultivation by the method of organic farming
2. Creating jobs mostly for women and disadvantaged people
3. Developping a direct relationship with the consumer, to spread the farming culture and the cultivation method according to organic and biodynamic production
4. Promoting the culture of collective ownership.

The agricultural work begins in a small town near the city of Cremona in a single hectare of land, where the young people worked hard to produce seasonal vegetables to be sold directly to the farm and where they received , the help of the farmhand Angelo Gritta and Ivo Totti, pioneer of the organic and biodynamic agriculture.