gruppi_acquisto_solidaleRelationship between the Cooperative Iris, A.S.T.R.A. Organic and fair trade Italian Groups

The Agricultural Cooperative Iris pursuing the corporate purpose of the Statute "direct relationship with the consumer for the dissemination of the method of organic and biodynamic farming" has worked over the years to raise awareness, found, spread agregazioni of people that become responsible purchasing.
The factor responsibility in trading is very important for us manufacturers, because people are aware of the damage that causes conventional agriculture that chemical, approach with responsibility to organic production helping themselves in the improvement of the relationship between nature and food, accordingly in respect of the earth.
Over the years Fulvia Mantovani referent for Agricultural Cooperative Iris has for years promoted the network GAS neighbors in the same province, so you can organize transport for deliveries, for a greater attention to pollution and an economic optimization.



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General information to understand and establish a GAS.

What are the fair trade groups (G.A.S.)?

A group purchasing and’ formed by a set of people who decide to meet to buy wholesale food products or of common use, to be redistributed between them.

Yes, but… why is it called solidarity?
A buying group becomes supportive when they decide to use the concept of solidarity’ as a guiding principle in the choice of products. Solidarity’ that part of the members of the group and extends to small producers that supply products, respect for the environment, to the peoples of the South and in color – because of the unjust distribution of wealth – bearing the consequences of this unjust development model.

Why is born a G.A.S.?
Each GAS born to their motivations, but often at the base there is a profound criticism towards the model of consumption and global economy now prevailing, together in search of a viable alternative immediately. The group helps to not feel alone in their critique of consumerism, to share experiences and support, to verify their choices.

How is a G.A.S.?
One begins to talk about the idea of ​​collective purchases in your circle of friends, and if you find others interested in forming the group. Together we deal with research in the small producers respectful of people and the environment, collect orders from those who join, to purchase products and distribute them… and is part!

Maurizio Gritta explains techniques Agricultural Biological

Solidarity criteria for the choice of products
The groups seek products from small local producers to have the chance’ to know them directly and to reduce pollution and energy waste caused by transport. Also you seek organic or ecological products which have been made respecting the working conditions.

A network
The buying groups are linked together in a network that serves to help them and to spread this experience through the exchange of information. Currently in Italy are surveyed about 900 Gas.