Why is IRIS pasta so good...

The Pastific Iris stands out in its management thanks to the ideals that members propose in the industry; how in the ’farm you have to respect the rhythms of the earth to reap excellent fruits, so even at the Iris pasta factory the right processing times are respected to get an excellent pasta.

The Pastifico Iris wants to be a reference point for the customer who is looking for a Bio product of high quality. Our production stands out for Bronze drawing. Opening a package of our pasta you can "feel" the scent of the raw material, this is indicative of higher quality.

Our pasta factory doesn't produce only of Durum Wheat Semolina white and brown but treats also many specialties that our. plant manages such as Kamut®, emmer, Senator Cappelli and mixtures such as the 3 color Pasta with Spinach and Tomato.
The Factory has actually 3 different packaging lines : Long pasta, Short Pasta and Soup Pasta, Nest and skein Pasta .
Each packaging line is equipped with a metal-detector. Each pallet is wrapped with nylon heat-shrink film and is equipped with the labels of recognition "SSCC".
The factory Iris wants to be the connection between quality, professionalism and progress and these are the motivations that drove Iris members to invest in the project for the construction of the new production plant in biobuilding.

The new plant proposes the same ideals with the addition of innovation in the choice of machinery that have been selected to produce High Quality Pasta but with a lower environmental impact, This is the goal that members have set themselves on all the wide-ranging project ... read more. Visit the page Iris pasta factory certified Eco-friendly.