Stories to the Hill of Lorenzo – Castiglione Delle Stiviere (MN)

Telling stories means communicating, be no longer only, establish links; a story creates a community. Well aware of the advertising creatives, motivators business, psychologists and marketing of mass consumption, managers of human resources, the thousands of employees to social: a story pushes inner springs of incredible energy, excited, convince, attracts. And a story grows, neurologically speaking!
You look out from a history and opens the infinite. There is a world inside; is inside the true story, or possible, all of us.

Organized by Segesta Inventions with all 'Association Ottovolante, Massimo Saviola and Fausto De Stefani.

Maurizio Gritta became the president of one of the most important cooperative of organic farming in Italy and an economic model developed by different countries of the world. But its origins are very poor, as tells his story, that of a boy who came from a peasant family of the 60s: pin all, the love of nature and the sacred respect for others and for the work. Even the plants growing, or for the needs of others. Maurizio is a person who has the ability to tell the future of man through the explanation of how it is grown salad, is one of the few people that gives me a reckless confidence in the future.

His explanations heard a couple of years ago on the principles of organic farming served to me to understand how you could set a modern record label. Arrived at the hill the first thing I said was: "You calling me've invited two people, me and my father, he would have loved all this ". After his story, decided that the new headquarters of the Iris, under construction, There will be a green space and public like this, so that people can talk, discuss, recount, listen.